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BEMER vascular therapy

We’ve created a new room at our Schwebebad where you can now undergo BEMER physical vascular therapy. The BEMER treatment is an effective way of increasing microcirculation and consequently improving general wellbeing. A healthy microcirculation supports the immune system and prevents against disease. Stress, lack of sleep, a poor lifestyle, illness, and the natural ageing process can all slow this process down, potentially weakening physical and mental performance, and resulting in pain and disease.

As part of this treatment, you will sit comfortably – and clothed – on the ‘BEMER lounge chair’ or BEMER mat. You can also book two simultaneous BEMER vascular therapy sessions if you wish to come as a couple or with a friend. Electromagnetically transmitted stimuli are used to trigger circulation in the tiniest blood vessels. This improves the efficiency of the body’s cells, which in turn eases pain and boosts self-healing. If undertaken regularly, this physical vascular therapy effectively combats diseases and malaise, and supports the body’s own regenerative processes.

The BEMER treatment is also suitable as preparation for floating or massages, and can be booked as a simultaneous session for 2 people.