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Schützenplatz 14, 01067 Dresden


The pleasant cold shock – a tingling feeling of wellbeing even hours later

Cool facts

  • Lasting up to 3 minutes, the cold treatment stimulates and boosts the lipid metabolism

  • The cold sauna is the ideal supplement to your dietary and fitness regime!

  • Elite athletes indulge in the cryo treatment up to three times a day, reducing their recovery time!

  • Improves complexion and stimulates the immune system

What is the secret behind the cryo sauna?

The cryo sauna is not a classic sauna, but rather a full-body cold treatment that has many positive effects on your body and overall health. It got its name from the Greek word krýos, meaning “icy cold”.

You will experience a three-minute cold shock at around -130°C in our 1-person cabin. The extreme and very dry cold is generated by evaporating nitrogen. The cooled air contains little moisture, making the cold feel tinglingly pleasant. The head is not subjected to the cool treatment. This application is used very successfully in medicine, sport and beauty, and helps you relax. Your body feels warm and calm afterwards.

We recommend regular treatments!

Voucher purchase through our online shop:

You can conveniently order a relevant voucher through our online shop below. You can of course purchase more than one, or combine multiple treatments in one voucher. During the order process, you will be given the chance to advise how you want the voucher to be issued.

If you have any questions, our staff will be glad to assist you by telephone on 0351 - 440 01 27.


multi-use passes are transferable!

Cryo sauna (single session) 39.00 euros
Multi-use pass (5 cryo-sauna sessions) 165.00 euros
Multi-use pass (10 cryo-sauna sessions) 276.00 euros


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