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Floatation in the brine bath

The brine bath (originally the Samadhi Tank) is the perfect way to tap into experiences beyond those consciously known.

A Samadhi Tank is an oasis of relaxation, “floating in silence”, bidding farewell to everyday life.

The word “SAMADHI” comes from Sanskrit, and means sinking, superconsciousness, and oneness. It is beyond any explanation, and cannot be achieved through deliberate efforts, only experienced. Those who come to feel SAMADHI reach a state of complete peace, and identify their true self.

You can float alone or in pairs in a saturated, body-temperature brine solution. The lights and music can be turned off to create a space of total emptiness.
The result is a feeling of illimitability, which the soul knows well, and loves and enjoys beyond all measure.

The mind becomes calm and clear.

Room 1 (for one or two people)

The site of the former Samadhi Tank is now home to a new spa with a 2nd pool. This bath is 2.40 x 2.10 m in size, and identical to the “Lilly” bathing room in terms of features and treatments.

Room 2 (for one or two people)

This room features a pool measuring approx. 2.20 m in length and 1.80 m in width.

Around 600 kg of Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt is dissolved in approx. 1000 litres of water. This makes the water heavier than you – and you float.

Both the water and the air are set at a temperature of exactly 34.5°C. If you lie calmly, you’ll no longer feel any boundary between skin and water/air.

Turning the light and music off will remove these sensory stimuli. Experiences beyond those consciously known are made possible ... limitations dissolve ...

Prices for floatation in the brine bath

You don’t need to bring anything with you for flotation. We provide the following free of charge: Towels, bathrobes, shower gel, shampoo, hairdryer, shoehorn and personalised care.

1.5 hrs float session (incl. 15 minutes preparation and follow-up) for 1 person 71,00 EUR
1.5 hrs float session (incl. 15 minutes preparation and follow-up) + salinarium for 1 person 79,00 EUR
1.5 hrs float session incl. an acupoint massage (25 min.) for 1 person 104,00 EUR
1.5 hrs float session for 2 people (incl. 15 minutes preparation and follow-up) for 2 people 110,00 EUR
1.5 hrs float session (incl. 15 minutes preparation and follow-up) + salinarium for 2 people 124,00 EUR
1.5 hrs float session incl. an acupoint massage each (25 min.) for 2 people 167,00 EUR

Multi-session floatation card: (transferable)

3-session card (approx. 14% saving) 184,00 EUR
6-session card (approx. 17% saving) 355,00 EUR
10-session card (approx. 26% saving) 528,00 EUR

All prices inclusive of the legal VAT. Subject to changes and errors. As at: 1/10/2023


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